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Frontline Recruitment Pvt. Ltd. is one of the Top manpower agency in Nepal which is licensed by the Department of Foreign Employment, Government of Nepal, and Ministry of Labor & Transport Management. We have an energetic and well-experienced personnel who are the leading experts in the field of recruitment service. Our company has gained a huge experience in the field of recruitment that has enabled it to be the best human resource company in Nepal. We have owned astounding achievement and have clinched the overall satisfaction of different renewed companies within the country and overseas.

There has been an increase in the flow of people going to overseas companies. Unemployment opportunity is the main reason for this and political instability is the main cause. The Nepalese economy is based heavily on remittance. As one of the top manpower recruitment agencies in Nepal, we have been recruitment different manpower in the overseas companies. We have been providing proper training to the people that make them easy to work in the foreign companies. We work with certain plans and policies that not only includes obtaining the right person at the right place, but it also deals with the motivational programs that include impetus plans that can help in the active participation of employees and various schemes and facilities which are an intrinsic part of a staffing function. We’re the top manpower company in Nepal helping in the development of workforce which leads to co-operation and developing better human relations that can help in the development works and stabilize through different effective control and supervision, and clear communication. We believe in maximum utilization of resources that are available in the country which help in the increment of productivity level. We do proper staffing management for the overseas companies that helps to provide provision of various managerial functions. The act of human resourced can help in the implementation of different major functions including planning, directing, organizing and controlling.
Manpower is the backbone of the country that impacts everything starting from production to client relationships. We believe in the productivity, safety, innovation, customer relations and accountability. Manpower agency is directly proportional to the productivity. Being the top manpower consultants in Nepal, we’ve been placing the right candidate in the right place that can help in the increment of productivity. The lack of productivity in the company translates an organization towards a reduction in revenue and profit. The creates a barrier to the business operation. Safety is equally important for the development of the organization. Caring about the safety of our clients, we place our clients in the right companies where they can get less stress and can enjoy their work. We provide a proper option for the clients. They can go to whichever company they want. Good manpower always allows a company to keep the production and give best outputs. Believing in the polite relationship with the overseas companies, we’ve been proper training to the people they can make them easy to survive in the foreign countries.
There are various manpower recruitment agencies in Nepal. Frontline Pvt. Ltd. is one of the brands among the crowd of manpower agencies in Nepal. We have earned many valuable clients with the best successful result throughout our journey. Our effective problem-solving staffs make the company be on the top. We’ve allowed our agency to reach out to the best candidates. We have a huge database of different candidates in our agency. This makes us get the fastest recruitment. We bridge the gaps between our candidates who are looking for overseas jobs in foreign companies. Nepalese workers are highly dedicated to their works and they are loyal, friendly and have ability to work in the difficult conditions. As there is a huge demand for Nepalese workers in the Gulf countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and UAE, we have been contributing a lot to send our best candidate in the right company. As the best manpower agency in Nepal, we have been helping our candidates to identify their potential.



Frontline Recruitment Pvt. Ltd is duly licensed and accredited recruitment agency in Nepal. It is regarded in the Department of Foreign Employment, Ministry of Labor & Transport Management with license No. 886/067/068.

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