Choosing right manpower agency in Kathmandu

There are so many Recruitment Companies that people find difficulty in choosing right manpower agency in Kathmandu. Nepal is right now going through its transitional phase. It is facing problem of unstable politics, huge unemployment ratio, shut down of old companies due to lack of fuel, never ending power cut and lack of better opportunity which has compelled youth manpower to look for overseas recruitment job vacancy. But it is always difficult to sort out the best manpower company in Kathmandu from the Manpower Agency list.
Gather some background information about the company before visiting its office. See if the company is government registered. Go online to see if the company has its website. See its reputation, policies and specialization areas. Find out if your friends or relatives have gone to that recruitment agency before. See if there are any references that you can get. Try to find out how many foreign job opportunities have the agency offered till date. Be clear about your needs and interest before visiting any agency. Know your requirement and then state your need and expertise to the staffs of foreign recruitment agency in Kathmandu clearly so that the professional staff from the company can get the right job for you. You can also ask for suggestions to revise your CV. Do not hesitate to ask about the salary per month. Ask about the extra allowances and facilities like accommodation, health insurance, number of holidays per year and food. Ask about the contract period that the company will be providing.
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Frontline Recruitment Pvt. Ltd is duly licensed and accredited recruitment agency in Nepal. It is regarded in the Department of Foreign Employment, Ministry of Labor & Transport Management with license No. 886/067/068.

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