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We are glad to bring in Frontline Recruitment as one of the foremost and qualified best employment agency. Being the Best Recruitment consultant in Nepal we are recognized as the chief and dependable manpower company among the list of employment agencies. For those candidates who are looking for job agency you can take the benefits from us as we are registered via the Ministry of Labor Nepal. Things that are necessary for work employment agency are extremely capable team members, self-motivated and committed staffs which are present in our company and thus we can think for the betterment of yours.

Being the Best Recruitment consultant in Nepal we have already send eminence and steadfast candidates with greatly accomplished, skilled candidates for security sector, Air-condition Company, construction sector, agriculture sector, hotel and restaurant or even for other sectors. Likewise, if you are not so expert in your areas then we can arrange training for you and make you independent. To be known as the ‘best’ is really a difficult work all through we have managed to secure that position. We have valued the excellence to make our clients and candidates pleased by acting like a bridge for international job agency.

Most of the people are lure to contact construction employment agencies therefore we have put an effort to linked with construction agencies and each year from this agencies demanded numerous candidates and looking back our statistics they are doing well. The people who are suffering from unemployment are creating their own status. We are targeting to set out human resources from Nepal in dissimilar lawful and official nations of the globe. Thus, we have taken an account of international working policies and applied them during our orientation classes. Realizing the status of Nepalese economic status we are involved in this professional in a hope to uplift the condition of people at some extent. We only recruit the candidate with smart and intelligent candidates to overseas employer and slowly win the credibility. The environment of trust and honesty are the things that we sell in international company. Consequently, without any doubt you can contact us for overseas employment, we will not step back from helping you. You are at career consultant where you can plan your career with hard working and prior to hard functioning we will provide our support to pull your fortune. Do not miss the occasion to approach Best Recruitment consultant in Nepal as several posts are coming up to you.




Frontline Recruitment Pvt. Ltd is duly licensed and accredited recruitment agency in Nepal. It is regarded in the Department of Foreign Employment, Ministry of Labor & Transport Management with license No. 886/067/068.

For … years now, we have been providing honest and dedica
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